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Here is a list of pointers to interesting pages related to the Lake Powell area.  For your surfing pleasure, each has its own list of links.  Each site opens in a new window; to return here, simply close that window.

Visitor Information

Glen Canyon Natural History Association
The GCNHA a non-profit organization dedicated to education, interpretation, and research within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  They feature a unique bookstore of Lake Powell related materials.
Fred’s Guide to Lake Powell
Lots of good advice on visiting the lake itself.  Sponsored, strangely enough, by a Page, AZ, liquor store.  Visit especially the Maps and Bays page for a clickable map with annotated satellite photos of the whole lake.
Lake Powell map in PDF format
Lake Powell Magazine
The web site of the glossy visitor magazine.
Lake Powell Yacht Club
Canyon Country Powell Guide
Travel West Go-Arizona
Four similar information guides to the Lake Powell area with listings of commercial services.  Some of them have photo galleries.  Take your pick.
Page, Arizona
Listing of commercial services centered around the city of Page.
Visitation and houseboating advice and commercial guide to Lakes Powell, Mead, and Mohave.  Although focusing initially on Lake Mead, this site is developing quite a bit of Lake Powell information and maps.

Scientific Information

Current weather information
So, what's the weather like right now at the lake?  Includes a 5-day forecast.
Water levels database
More data than you will ever want on Lake Powell water levels.  Searchable database of daily lake levels, flows, and temperatures dating back to the construction of the dam.
Moon phase
OK, so this is a bit esoteric.  But what if you wanted to know what the moon will be doing during your Lake Powell vacation?


Lake Powell was conceived in controversy, and it is inevitable that many of the same issues remain hotly contested today. In an attempt to provide a balanced view, here are links to the major advocates on two major issues.
Glen Canyon Institute
An environmentalist group advocating the draining of Lake Powell, the removal of Glen Canyon Dam, and the restoration of Glen Canyon to its natural state.
Friends of Lake Powell
An industry and recreation-based group opposed to the draining of Lake Powell.
Bluewater Network
An environmentalist group advocating the removal of Personal Watercraft (PWC’s) from Lake Powell and elsewhere.
BlueRibbon Coalition
An industry and recreation-based group opposed to further restrictions on PWC use.

Personal Web Pages

Alan Silverstein Jim Carter
Tiffany Mapel Mike Mills
Chris Schiller Tony Ferris
As I become aware of worthwhile personal web pages devoted to Lake Powell, I will include them here.


Glen Canyon NRA site
Everything official from the National Park Service related to their administration of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.
Bureau of Reclamation
They are the ones who actually own the dam.
True GRIT and Trash Tracker
Volunteer to help keep the canyon walls free of unsightly graffiti or help keep the shores free of garbage.

Commercial Outfitter

Aramark is the sole concessionaire within GCNRA.  ANY boat rentals, lodging, fuel, or food sold within the NRA is supplied through Aramark. Well, that is, I mean the sole concessionaire except for:
Antelope Point Marina
Near Page, AZ and which is owned by the Navajo Nation.


Houseboating 101
Houseboating 101 (for Wildwind II)
Lots of good advice on the operation of a houseboat at Lake Powell.  Or anywhere, for that matter.  The second link was written by another Wildwind II owner.
Hiking:  Slot canyons
Photos and hiking guide specializing in the slot canyons of of the Colorado Plateau.  Several sections on Lake Powell area slot canyons.
Geology:  The Natural Arch and Bridge Society
Spectacular photo galleries and hiking guides specializing in the natural arches of the world, many of which are near Lake Powell.  Great links area, too.
Fishing:  Waynes Words
The definitive Lake Powell fishing site.  Lots of other good information and great links here, too.
Photography:  Panoramas of Lake Powell
And why shouldn’t I list my own work here?  Try it, you'll like it. Provided you have broadband!
Photography:  Lake Powell Pictures
Huge collection of so-so Lake Powell pictures.  What it lacks in artistic quality, it makes up in QUANTITY!

Outdoor Ethics

Minimum impact practices
Leave No Trace
Two different sites providing level-headed explanations of the special care that the canyon country needs to preserve it for the future.  These pages’ non-preachy style also explain why each practice is important.
Walking Softly in the Wilderness
The National Park Service's version of this theme.

Chat Groups

Lake Powell Yahoo group
This is where the Lake Powell aficionados hang out, both expert and newbie.  Great discussions, and an enthusiastic and expert moderator.  See his personal web page.
Lake Powell Naturists Yahoo group
A relatively new group dedicated to the clothes-free enjoyment of Lake Powell. Because other similar groups have become spammed to death, this group is moderated for on-topic content.
Utah Naturist Yahoo group
Although this group has little to do with Lake Powell, they do discuss the issues (and there are many!) of practicing naturism in Utah.

If there are other links you think I should include here, and I will consider it.  Thanks!

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