Captain’s Photos,
Voyage of the Wildwind II on the velvet waters of Lake Powell, Utah,
August 12th to 21st, 2002.

Surviving crew include houseboat owner David Herberg and son Wesley, with guests Craig and Betty, John and Peggy, Dick and Jeannette, and Monica and Neila.

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          Wildwind II in Dow Canyon, off the Escalante

          Trachyte Canyon
          One of Lake Powell’s many slot canyons

          Sunset over the Henry Mountains, near Hite

          Hanging out near Bullfrog while the skiboat is repaired. You could pick a worse place...

The Anasazi ruin “Defiance House” in its alcove...                

          Wesley’s first fish of the trip

          Wesley driving the ski boat...

          ...and riding the wakeboard.

          ...and the pictograph for which it is named.

          Mt. Holmes, an ancient volcano in the Henry Mountains

Wesley and Neila paddling together in Lake Canyon.  Aren’t they cute?

          A bat flying around (briefly!) INSIDE the houseboat!

          Monica and Neila paddling in Dow Canyon

          Wildwind II:   in Hansen Canyon...

          ...and in Trachyte Canyon

Cliff jumping...

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